True, ah, true, among monks there are many parasites, pleasure-seekers, sensualists, and insolent vagabonds. Educated men of the world point this out, saying: “You are idlers, useless members of society, shameless beggars, living on the labor of others.” And yet among monks so many are humble and meek, thirsting for solitude and fervent prayer in peace. People point less often to these monks, and even pass them over in silence, and how surprised they would be if I were to say that from these meek ones, thirsting for solitary prayer, will perhaps come once again the salvation of the Russian land!
Father Zosima, The Brothers Karamasov


Eyvind Earle (1916-2000.) Earle was a painter, illustrator, and author. He also worked in the animation industry at Disney during the 1950’s. Animations he worked on included “Peter Pan”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and “Lady and the Tramp.” What I love about his work is his whimsical shapes, the color choices, and the surreal feeling of his images. Wonderful stuff. To view more I’ve provided a link to his gallery in Wikipaintings where most of these are from. Enjoy!

I’ve got a heart full a nothin’

left my love in a hole

I got the world’s big rage filling up in my soul.

I asked my God

would he cure me of the lonely disease?

He said you’re talking to yourself, son

get up off your knees.